Local SEO Webinar by an SEO Company

Just a week ago we had the great opportunity to watch a webinar done by a Local SEO company. Optimizing a website to improve local results positioning is one of the hottest topics of SEO at the moment, mainly due to increased local searches and growth of searches via mobile devices.

local seo

In this webinar he spoke of the growing importance of search results and in addition:

Importance and growth of local searches.
Mobile local searches.
Best practices for creating your Google Places account and Plus.
Tips to local outside Google Places optimization.
Consistency NAP.

In total it took about about an hour and was very well received by the public. To access the webinar, you must do so through their website of, at this link.

Besides this, dealing more about local SEO, in recent days we have focused several articles on different aspects:

How to create a Google Plus account Local
consistency NAP
The 20 most important factors for positioning in Local SEO
How to get more reviews on Google Plus Local

Not only we were here, I also announced that in the coming days we will launch an ebook with all related information about Local SEO.

Last November in Moz blog very interesting with the 20 key to position your website in Local results (Local SEO) factors article was published.

1) Right Category:
Choose the right category for your business in the process of creating your Google + page. In this post we explain how to create your Google Plus Local page.

2) Address City search:
Your business will always have more likely if the searches are done from your city or your city lead included in the search query.

3) Consistency NAP when you mention other sites:
The consistency NAP (Name, Address and Phone) assumes that long as you are citing your business is done in the same way. You can learn more about the NAP consistency in this post. This is also important for local seo.

4) Authority of the websites you cite:
Have your business name and address appears on websites of authority is very important to position in local results. It is also vital that you have up mentions sites or local directories.

5) NAP on your website:
The consistency NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) on your website. It is important that you include your name, address and telephone number on the page you’re linking from Google Plus. So to improve local results it is recommended to link it from every page. Header and Footer eg.

6) Number of Citations:
The more times you are mentioning your name, address and phone on other sites you get better results in local results.

7) Authority in your domain:
The higher authority is your domain, the easier it will be positioned in local search results.

8) Local verified page:
You must have a Google Plus page Local verified. You can do both by phone and by letter. In this post you can find more information.

9) Meta Title:
It is advisable to add the city where your business on the page to which you link from your Google Plus profile.

10) Near the center of the city or town:
The closer is the address of your Google business center designated by the town or city, the more likely you are to appear in local results.

11) Quantity and quality of links pointing to your domain:
Links help build the authority of your domain, a proper link building strategy is vital for the proper positioning Google.

12) Number of reviews or reviews on Google Places:
User reviews of Google Places will help you achieve better rankings, learn how to get them in this post.

13) Keywords in the name of your business:
If your business name includes keywords will make it easier to position for example: “Dentist Miami” or “Autobody Miami”

14) Citations to relevant local sites:
Get specific pages of your town or city that have high authority cite your NAP.

15) Proximity of your business to the search:
The closer you are to your business of the search will be easier to show up in search results.

16) Number of Citations of relevant sites in your sector:
Get to relevant pages in your sector cite your NAP to improve your position locally.

17) Calling code in your Google Plus page:
Use a landline rather than a mobile as your contact phone on Google Plus page.

18) Include your city in your Meta Titles:
It is recommended as a best practice you put in your meta titles the name of your city, eg “Family Dentist Miami, Fl”

19) Reviews or reviews in third:
Reviews on sites like tripadvisor or yelp are not as important as the reviews on Google Places, but you always help to position.

20) Authority of the page to which you link from your company’s profile on Google Plus.

Local SEO Update Pigeon Algorithm Part 1

seo strategyThe pigeon, that animal symbol of peace and a symbol for some dirt to other cities, is the star of the new Google search engine optimization algorithm update. Google Pigeon (Pigeon) was released last July and modifies search results (SERP).

Who does Google Pigeon?

First, to clarify that for now only affects searches in United States and not global searches.

What are the Effects on Local SEO?

Local directories benefit from the update because the algorithm favors these directories over businesses in a lot of instances.

These changed to be more prominent in the search results. Note that all this could come in part motivated by a discharged by Yelp to Google accusations, which declared that the search engine manipulated search results to harm Yelp.

In any case, this is one of the reasons why I always stress that it is essential when it comes to positioning your business locally, that appears in such directories. Directories have a major influence on local results. Also this is where we always use the consistency NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) of which we have spoken in the past.

2 Packs of affected local results:

Although the data can vary slightly, it seems that the packs or groups of local results shown have less presence. A local pack is a list of business with key contact details. Glen from Click Depot San Antonio, arrived on 25th detect 23.4% fewer of these packs or groups of local results. It is true, there have been many fluctuations or changes since it was launched this new update. That is, a few days to disappear completely certain terms local results, and the next day they reappeared. Therefore, we must understand that this is not final and is likely to further updates or changes reappear.
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3 Wishes for Local SEO in 2014 to 2015

local seoNow just a 2014 full of changes, projects and work. Something that I hope will not change in 2015 and what I strive for every day. And since I’ve been a good boy and I behaved all that well to expect an SEO, I venture to make 3 wishes for the new year as it relates to SEO Local. The Click Depot pays close attention to the changes that happen in google places as well as local seo.
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How to get opinions from your customers in your Local SEO strategy

Local SEO positioning factors that David Mihm published in 2011 after consultation with many industry experts have been slightly changing its position in influencing the positioning of the business practices that making some hitherto been developing in the local SEO are losing the force so far contributed.
seo marketingIn contrast others are the factors that are gaining weight in the Google changes being introduced gradually, such as opinions or comments expressed by users on the cards business Google Places or Google Local Plus, and yet receive little attention from companies who channel all their efforts on optimizing business record and get references on websites, which in no case should be set aside but we have to save some energy to implement a strategy we generate more reviews and ratings in our business records.

In most local businesses we could get that many of our customers dejasen a comment valuing our product or our overall quality of care. This will not only help us to improve our local SEO but give us any feedback you could offer us SEO: Actual feedback from our users read more about this houston seo companies take on feedback. Do not waste it, use it to improve.

What can we do to get your customers to spend 2 minutes to comment on your Google Plus Local tab?

No marketing strategy works best to offer a service or product quality. This must never forget.

Just “buy” the opinions of your customers in exchange for any offer or discount.
This is the most used strategy, but be careful because this type of feedback can be considered SPAM as a rule have no frequency or “natural” content

Call to Action.
This concept is used both in online business, it is very tough to find at a local business and yet has the same value, if not more, than in an online business. An example:

Today I have to visit my dentist, I have an appointment at 17:00 and there I am waiting to call me to make my annual review, flipping through Twitter and email on mobile my dentist why not use that moment to ask me assess your services or your clinic? I have nothing else to do and even be willing to descargarme a specific application to give my opinion.I have time and there is nothing else to do!
Just a little creativity to turn that timeout customers something productive for your business.

This is the first example that occurred to me and it is safe to apply to most local business What are some examples?

Different Functions of Google Places

seo strategyThis is where the bulk of the update is Google Places. Now you have the opportunity to hide your business address if not physically work in an office, such as those professionals who work at home (plumbers, glaziers …) In these cases Google will not show the direction of the business but will be a circle red indicating the work area where you can provide services. This at first seems a good solution for professionals and freelancers who work from home I think it’s an open door to spam and does not provide quality local SERPs quite the contrary. Let’s wait to see how it evolves.
In addition this update will optimize the record business for companies or professionals who work independently within a business, such as stores are in malls or those who have their office in a business center.
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Optimize your website for local searches

seo strategyLocal SEO is working not only on Google Places or subject directories of local relevance. The web business is one of the pillars on which to base the Local SEO strategy, so let’s see some optimizations that can be directly implemented to achieve the goal of being more visible in local searches.

1 Improve the authority of our domain.
The authority or popularity of our domain refers among other factors, and very simply, the number of inbound links to our website, so to enhance the authority of our website we must make a serious work of Linkbuilding. This is one of the most difficult to achieve, especially in the short-term aspects.

2 Include location of our company in the title of the Landing Page of our website
If you register our business in Google Places (aka Google Local Plus) we will indicate which is the URL of our website we want to direct users. Default usually indicate the homepage of the website, but we can choose any other page on the site. This will be the title page in which we will include the location for which we want to position, type:

It also helps to include the location of the business in other website pages, whether or not the Landing Page, so if common sense permitted on other sites do.

3. The landing page contains the name, address and business phone
For Google to find it, understand it and index it is also advisable to use fully microdata for local searches. These can be in the body of the page, in the footer … But Google is able to find it on the landing page.

4 Add keywords services and business location in the URL of the Landing Page
Using friendly URLs is a basic optimization for any website as far as SEO is concerned, and for local searches would not be outdone, so including business services in the URL of the landing page will also help to improve .

5 Include the location of the business on the H1 and H2 tags Landing Page
The texts of your website must be written for people, not for search engine robots, that should always be taken into account, but if the titles of the H1 tags, H2 … your website allows it includes the location of the business, for example:

<h1> Click Depot </ h1>
Paragraphs of text …
<h2> Five Important Factors for Orlando Businesses </ h2>

6 Includes a KML file on your server
This type of files used by eg Google Earth or Google Maps provide information on the geo-location of the business to the search engines so do not leave them behind. Here’s how to use KML files to your Local SEO strategy

7 User Ratings web business
If the business is susceptible and admit ratings and user reviews, make the most of. Google find these ratings on the web business will also help your consideration for the web better.
There are several ways to indicate to the search engine robots the physical location of our business, for example:
– Semantic Tagging: Microdata
– KML File

The labeling with microdata and we saw in a previous post, so today we talk about how to generate a KML file and upload it to our web how to strengthen our local strategy

The KML files are some file types that contain information about geographic locations and are used by tools such as Google Earth or Maps among others. Such files provide information on the exact location based on coordinates and that will be very useful when the address is not clear enough or when Google Maps is unable to find our exact location.

To begin the first thing we have to do is to know which are the coordinates of our business. For this we have to access Google Maps and navigate to the exact point you want to point to our KML file. Once we got there we click the icon for “linking” as in the following image for Google Maps show us the URL we need
Once you have got the URL, look for the parameter “ll” which is what contains the coordinates of the location we had set. Those are our coordinates

Local SEO Integration With Google Maps

local seoThe new guidelines Google Places quality have brought with them a new way to tell Google Places location or area in which the company operates.

As before, we will have 2 options to choose from in the record business Google Places:

All clients come to my business or company
This company provides services in the homes of clients

google places location for the first search in a traditional icon Google Places that will refer to the exact physical location provided in the record business is displayed.
This is the case of restaurants, museums … and any other business that meets their physical clients and only there. In the case of other centers or offices in different locations must be added by massive high if more than 10 locations in the traditional way or if it is not.

For the second, it is business that even with a particular location offer their services at home and not physically in your office or warehouse.
The most obvious case of trades such as plumbers, locksmiths … For Google has implemented these professionals the ability to display or not your physical address because it is not there where they work and where also can not locate them in many cases to hire them or request a budget. When a business decides not to show his physical location Google Places change its traditional icon and displays a red circle

With the new update, for businesses providing home services has implemented additional functionality in addition to that already existed to determine the area where the business paid service: The list of service areas

Now businesses can determine a list of their service areas by adding the localities where they have presence.
This new configuration is designed for those businesses providing home services through different delegations. For example, a company that does ac installation and replacements in Austin and another in Roundrock. The company will be want to present two different pages or even two different websites if the competition is high. Read More about Click Depot Atlanta to get ahead of the competition.

The traditional method to determine a service area also still present and is oriented to indicate a distance to the round in which the services are rendered.
This option is recommended for those businesses with a single physical address and moving in a certain area

Is Google Breaking its Own Rules in Local SEO?

seo toolsThe Local SEO are changed a lot lately, perhaps more than ever: Updates design, functionality and forth … But many of the factors that influence to improve local positioning are still there in all its glory, such as comments users on the ad business Google Places

With the arrival of Google+ it has not changed at all, though I think Google has also added a little dark for the user less forward noticed by this Click Depot San Antonio , who does not understand the difference between Google Places and Google Plus Local (perhaps nor same …) or because you have to download 2 or 3 mobile applications within the same service (Google Maps, Google+ and Local Google+), a difficult barrier to overcome if we want to encourage users to make use of the served and decide to participate valuing commenting and visiting different businesses, as has been achieved for example FourSquare. Continue reading “Is Google Breaking its Own Rules in Local SEO?” »

Using in Directories for Local SEO for Small Business

seo marketingThe importance of directories in your Local SEO strategy according to the Click Depot team who are experts in this field. They provide seo to mostly home improvement businesses in the Tampa area.

Historically local directories have been of paramount importance in Local SEO strategy of any business mainly to improve local relevance, but the advantages of directories affect our business not only in this sense. Continue reading “Using in Directories for Local SEO for Small Business” »

Local SEO – The Effect of Hummingbird And How To Adapt

seo needslocal seo algorithm update last night gave the news of Google have released an update of the local search algorithm in Google Maps and web search, to give greater relevance to some of the classic factors of positioning the organic web searches, according SearchEngineLand reports could be around a hundred type Graph Knowledge, spelling, Let Humminbird has come to Local SEO

According to Google with this new update aims to strengthen the accuracy and relevance of local searches, which is welcome because in certain sectors competitor hotels, restaurants etc. The search results are actually doing bad. One need only list the results of a search and move to the second page to see businesses that have nothing to do with the query.

In any case, this update time has been released only in the United States, which already has revealed itself said John Brown and Atlanta SEO Consultant from Click Depot Atlanta in his post about the seo update update, but probably still have to wait a few months to see the full effecte. Anyway What does this update? SEO As more and more common sense, something that is not always easy to find in the war of Local SEO. Continue reading “Local SEO – The Effect of Hummingbird And How To Adapt” »

Local SEO Strategies for Small Business

seo listingA large number of business and professional conduct business on a limited local area. Therefore it is more profitable for them to establish SEO positioning strategy is to optimize its presence in local search results.

Achieve be positioned with the keywords business in the city or area in which the business is conducted allows for more visibility, more traffic and hence greater probability with increasing sales, especially since, in general, tend be much more interested in purchasing a product or service that those searches whose profile or search intent is generic views. In fact, over 20% of global searches have local intent, a figure that increases to 50% when the search is performed from a mobile phone or tablet. Continue reading “Local SEO Strategies for Small Business” »